ENTREPRENEUR Joseph Daniels is on a mission to provide the go-to building system with affordable, energy-positive classrooms nationwide.

His E-Pod design uses unique renewable energy systems and is one of several building solutions products which was launched under his company Project Etopia.

The business was founded by Mr Daniels, 24, of Colchester, with the aim of revolutionising the green building industry.

By using modular construction methods Etopia’s buildings are put up piece by piece so designs are more flexible and need less space.

A key feature is buildings which produce more energy than they consume and will eventually become self-sustaining and save the owner money.

Pumping extra energy into the surrounding areas will also help the community.

Mr Daniels’ first Etopia Education project were four sophisticated classrooms in Norfolk made from recyclable glass materials.

What followed was a strong focus on the education sector by replacing outdated portable buildings and school buildings with innovative learning spaces.

Mr Daniels said: “The media has stated more than 750,000 new students are expected in the UK by 2022. Almost one-third of head teachers say current learning environments are unacceptable.

“I want to provide an affordable high-end solution to what will continue to be a growing issue.”

Mr Daniels added: “Education is the backbone of our society and children are the future so it’s our responsibility to provide them with modern and efficient learning spaces.

“I also believe education is ultimately the answer to a fairer and more peaceful society.

“The way to achieve that is for children from all walks of life to be educated and to have an equal starting point.”

Mr Daniels said he left school without any GCSEs and dropped out of college twice.

However, he is now on the brink of transforming education buildings.

The ethos behind Project Etopia was motivated by growing up in a low-income household where he became deeply aware of the financial burden in owning and maintaining your own home.

His vision is for Etopia’s building systems to become the new industry standard after spending two years developing his from scratch.