BUSINESSES from across the country gathered at the ionic London landmark building, 80 Strand, to celebrate the book launch of Fight the Fear: How to Beat Your Negative Mindset and Win at Life, by Essex businesswoman and author Mandie Holgate.

Businesses from industries including television and media, law, HR, banking, IT, creative, utilities, education, finance and the sciences joined the celebrations at the Grade II listed headquarters of Fight the Fear publishers, Pearson.

The leading non-fiction publishing house commissioned Mandie to write Fight the Fear after hearing of her reputation as a strong business leader and success with coaching business clients.

Mandie, a business coach and founder of the highly successful Business Woman’s Network, said: “I would like to thank everyone who came to support me at the launch of Fight the Fear, in particular Pearson for asking me to write the book and organising such a great launch.

“We had a wonderful building to celebrate in, with spectacular views over the Southbank.

“The book is made up of some of the biggest fears that impact on people’s success.

“I understand these fears because I have been there and been petrified of doing some of the things highlighted in the book.

“These are not fears that wake you up at 2am. Some are very subtle but they can be just as devastating to your life. The chapters look at the skills you need to learn to help change your mindset, the tools to stop the fear creeping back in and exercises to follow that will ensure you reach your potential and more.”

Fight the Fear offers readers a simple, step-by-step guide to conquering fears that may impact on people lives in the work environment or in their personal lives.

It also explores real life came studies and their outcomes.

Pete Cohen, motivational speaker and TV coach who has endorsed Fight the Fear spoke at the launch.

He said: “So many people want to write a book but don’t because of their fears.

“Then one day they will look back and realise they could have achieved more.

“Mandie is one of those people who wants to help people, to give, and through this book she has done just that.”

Eloise Cook, senior commissioning editor at Pearson, said: ”We strive to improve our readers’ lives through learning and our new author Mandie Holgate shares our passion.

“We’re very excited to be publishing Fight the Fear, which is available now.”